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Personnel Logistics  
Risk Management Partners

Secure Human Logistics:

While Ireland is a very safe country to travel in, executive & diplomatic travellers face inherent risks. From financial, political or commercial reasons, your high value Human Resources & property may be at risk while travelling on business anywhere in the world, including Ireland. 

Monitored Safety 24/7.

We can mitigate the risk by using only Police vetted, professional security drivers. We also monitor satellite tracking of all vehicles 24/7.

Vehicles are securely stored & professionally checked prior to every journey. Use of sat-phone WiFi provides unrestricted communication in areas with no cell network. Where the risk of kidnapping is perceived additional vehicles & security features may be required. Where critical data or high value documents are being transported additional security measures will be offered. 

We are delighted to work with international risk management teams to provide continuity of their service while in Ireland. 

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